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February 2024

February  2024


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"Works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art"

Claude Debussy


     The Dogtown        Collection

Only the Best

Over the last 2 decades the Carswell family have dedicated their efforts to the preservation of the culture and art called graffiti. Since it’s inception graffiti has been fighting for its life and its creators have been struggling to be heard. Despite being the only modern day art form originating right here in America, we were destroying our American art story as fast as it was being written.


Preserving and protecting this art form for future generations became the inspiration for The DogTown Collection. By historically recreating their most famous art pieces from walls, subways, bridges and freight cars and being commissioned to paint them onto canvas. The Dogtown Collection was built by the most influential artists of the genre from early New York pioneers to Los Angeles stylists. 50 years and thousands of examples of talent, stories and art work are forever safeguarded. The DogTown Collection has partnered with the Rosella Gallery in an effort to continue to support the artists who have risked life, limb and freedom to create this truly American artform. Every print offered by the Rosella Gallery has been selected and licensed by The Dogtown Collection to be sold and the profits to be donated to the artists themselves and the American Graffiti and Urban Art Conservation Project (AMGRAF) museum in Everett WA. Many of these historic artists need our help. Thank you for partnering with The Dogtown Collection and The Rosella Gallery as we continue to bless those who brought about an art genre we should all be proud of.

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