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About the Gallery

Forging Relationships with Artists and Collectors

The Rosella Gallery is the charitable arm of the Famous DogTown Collection. The largest most historically complete graffiti and urban art collection in the world. The Dogtown Collection gives exclusive rights for reproduction and distribution of select art pieces to the Rosella Gallery. Through this exciting program created by the Rosella Gallery we are able to bring unique graffiti and urban art collectables to enthusiasts, while giving them the opportunity to financially support the artists themselves. The Rosella Gallery’s mission is to give continued financial support to the artists and the American Graffiti Conservation Project (AMGRAF Museum) by donating the profits from each purchase to historically preserving Americas contribution to the art world and the struggling artists that risked life, limb and freedom to bring it to us. We at the Rosella Gallery and the DogTown Collection Thank you for helping us give back to this important community.

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